Web Security

Web Security

Accelerating Your Secure Digital Transformation

Product Description

Web Security service is a secure internet and web gateway solution, offered as a full security stack with all the in-depth protection that is ever needed. It is a security solution that prevents malicious traffic from entering an internal network of an organization. It is used by enterprises to protect their employees/users from accessing and being infected by malicious web content (virus, malware, ad-ware, backdoors, etc…).

Web Security service, eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches. By moving security to a globally distributed cloud, Web Security brings the internet gateway closer to the user for a faster experience. Organizations can easily scale protection to all offices or users, regardless of location, and minimize network and appliance infrastructure.

Web Security,خدمة الإنترنت الآمن, مواقع الويب, المواقع المشبوهة, الفيروسات

Product Features

·         Zero trust exchange enables you to securely connect users, devices, and applications, form anywhere to anywhere based on granular context

·         National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) compliance

·         Full Cloud access (No hardware nor software to install)

·         Content filtering &Web Access Control

·         Inline Anti-virus & Anti-spyware

·         SSL Inspection

·         Bandwidth Control

·         Advanced Threat Protection

·         Cloud Sandbox & Cloud Firewall

·         Data Protection

·         Cloud Application Visibility & Control

Product Benefits

·         Empower the business and achieve new outcomes with zero trust for secure digital transformation

·         Ability to control internet user access, with content filtering capability

·         Cost Savings (No hardware or Software needed)

·         Ability to protect all offices or users, regardless of location

·         Affordable and suitable packages for all segments

·         Full access to control and managed via self-service portal and real time report

·         Guaranteed SLAs.

Frequently asked questions

·         What kind of hardware and software is required for this service?

The solution is a cloud-based solution , so no software or hardware is needed.

·         How does Web Security work?

Web Security Cloud Platform works flexibly with your traffic requirements. With no need for any hardware or software to install, you can set up direct Internet connections in minutes. Web Security service processes up to 160 billion transactions during peak periods and performs 175,000 security updates every day.

·         How can I build URL filtering and manage user policy?

The customer will be provided with portal access to configure URL, policy management, and many other features that fits your business needs.

Subscription Method

Choosing the package by the customer, providing technical information to the customer, creating an account and a digital portal service for the customer.

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