Strategy & Roadmaps Development

Service Description

A cybersecurity strategy helps an organization to define and follow a clear vision, goals, and roadmap to build cybersecurity infostructure, which will enable you to create a defined entity, sector capability-level, context-aligned strategies and roadmaps that ensures a fruitful cybersecurity journey.

Without a proper strategy, entities risk wasting a lot of efforts building a program that may not align well with the business, works in a reactive mode, and incapable of showing management the value from cybersecurity investments. This may result in ineffective risk management efforts, weakened management support, and a difficulty proving due diligence to stakeholders.

Service Features

·         Design an Entity Cybersecurity Strategy

·         Design a Group Cybersecurity Strategy

·         Design a Sector Cybersecurity Strategy

·         Design Entity SOC Roadmaps

·         Design Sector SOC Roadmaps

·         Design IAM Roadmaps

·         Design SDLC Roadmaps

·         Design Cloud Cybersecurity Roadmaps

·         Design IoT Cybersecurity Roadmaps

·         Design Data Security Roadmaps

Service Benefits

·         Alignment with the business (enable rather than hinder business)

·         Ensure proper governance of cybersecurity transformation programs

·         Effective and efficient security efforts (get it right from the first time)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (such as regulators and customers)

·         Comply with relevant regulatory and contractual obligations (e.g., NCA ECC, NCA CSCC)

·         Gain or improve your competitive advantage

Service Process

·         Send us your details in order to be contacted by the sales team.

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