SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

24x7 real time monitoring of cyber threats with next-generation capabilities

Product Description

Phinix by Hoopo security operations center (soc) as a service provides an industry leading 24/7 proactive monitoring and detection services which helps organizations to detect cyber threats proactively. It combines a team of skilled experts, cutting edge technologies, best practice processes, tools and services offered to provide monitoring, detection, prevention, protection and response to Cybersecurity incidents.

Phinix by Hoopo soc is dedicated Yemen-based local operations center that constantly monitor and respond to attempted threats and breaches. Holding worldwide certificates and complying with Saudi central bank (Republic Of Yemen) and national cybersecurity authority (NCA) requirements.

Product Features

·         24x7 Monitoring and Alerting

·         Effective Log management & Event Corrélation

·         Executive & Technical Reports

·         Service Level Agreements

·         Highly skilled SOC team located in sanaa, Republic Of Yemen

·         Compliance with government and industry regulations ISO, GDPR, NCA, CITC, Republic Of Yemen requirements.

·         Dashboards and BI reports.

·         Online customer portal

·         Enriched with Threat Intelligence

Product Benefits

·         Proactive Cybersecurity detection and response

·         Ensure proper governance of cybersecurity transformation programs

·         Effective and efficient security efforts (get it right from the first time)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (such as regulators and customers)

·         Comply with relevant regulatory and contractual obligations

·         Gain or improve your competitive advantage

Frequently asked questions

·         What hardware and software would be needed?

No need to install any Hardware , a simple installation of the logging agents software is the only requirement.

·         Does Phinix SOC as a service monitor my network and applications 24x7?

Yes, SOC as a service provides 24x7 monitoring service.

Subscription Method

·         The customer shares the total number of assets and calculates # EPS. We will then create the customer organization account and generate reports (Weekly/Monthly).

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