Security Enhancement & Employee Development

Product Description

Phinix by Hoopo’s  Security Enhancement & Employee Development is a form of education that seeks to equip members of an organization with the information they need to protect themselves and their organization’s assets from loss or harm.


Product Features

·         Training library.

·         Assessments.

·         Phishing Platform.

·         Training Platform.

·         Advanced Phishing Features.

·         Phishing Content.

·         User Management.

·         Reporting.

Product Benefits

·         Reduced Malware and Ransomware Infections.

·         Reduced Data Loss.

·         Reduced Potential Cyber-theft.

·         Increased User Productivity.

·         Users Have Security Top of Mind.

Frequently asked questions

·         Why do employees need this training program?

Cybercrime moves at the speed of light. A few years ago, they used to specialize in identity theft, but now they take over your organization's network, hack into your bank accounts, stealing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every small and medium organization is at risk.

·         Based on what is the cost calculated?

Based on the number of users.

·         What methodology is used?




·         Is the program compatible with the Learning Management System?

courses are offered, so that we can offer study programs for your internal learning management system if necessary. We can also inform you about all registered employees, their status, completion, and many other information.

·         How much will this cost?

We charge very competitive prices. There are discounts for large organizations. If you are currently using a security awareness training program, you are eligible for the first-year competitive promotion program. The pricing was made to make the decision to implement an Internet Security Awareness Program something that does not require full thought.

Subscription Method

·         The customer chooses the package and the number of users of the service, then an account and digital portal will be created for the customer.

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