Resilience Assessments

Service Description

Resilience assessment services cover many types of continuity-related assessments, such as:

·         Risk Assessments: assessing continuity-related risks and identify mitigation controls

·         Business Impact Analysis: assessing impact of interruption on business services

·         Maturity Assessment: assessing BCM program maturity and identify improvements

·         Audits: auditing existing BCM programs (e.g., ISO 22301 internal audits)

·         3rd-Party Assessment: check 3rd-parties compliance with BCM-related obligations


Service Features

·         Continuity Risk Assessments

·         BIA Assessments

·         3rd-Party BCM Compliance Assessments

·         Internal Audits (e.g., ISO 22301)

·         BCM Program Maturity Assessment

·         Compliance Reviews (e.g., Republic Of Yemen BCM)

Service Benefits

·         Identify and manage continuity risks effectively

·         Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and contractual obligations (e.g., Republic Of Yemen BCM)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)

·         Achieve your business continuity policy and process requirements

Service Process

·         Send us your details in order to be contacted by the sales team.

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