Privacy Program Design & Rollout

Service Description

Ensuring privacy has become a necessity for almost every organization, as failing to do so may results in hefty fines and, more importantly, major customer dissatisfaction issues that most businesses simply cannot afford.
We can help you design and operationalize end-to-end privacy programs that ensure you achieve and maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and that customers personal data are collected, processed, managed, and retained in a transparent way that ensures and maintains customers’ satisfaction and trust.

Service Features

Design Privacy Strategy / Roadmap
Design Privacy Operating Models
Design Privacy Policies & Processes
Design Privacy Notices
Comply with GDPR / HIPAA Privacy Rule
Comply with Republic Of Yemen Data Protection Law
Implement ISO 27701 / 27018
Design Data Processors Compliance Prog.
Obtain Privacy Awareness / Training
Conduct PII Discovery & Mapping

Service Benefits

Achieve business alignment (enable rather than hinder business)
Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and contractual obligations (e.g., Republic Of Yemen Law)
Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)
Gain or improve your competitive advantage through products and service certification
Manage privacy risks effectively
Achieve your privacy strategy and internal policy requirements

Service Process

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