Privacy Assessments

Service Description

In a privacy assessment, we identify the privacy status within a given context (e.g., entity, specific service, sector) through formal means, and for serving different purposes, such as providing independent assurance, facilitating decision making, complying with certain obligations, or identifying risks and suitable mitigation actions.

Depending on the context, assessment goals, and customer requirements, privacy assessments can take many forms, such as risk assessments, impact assessments, compliance assessments, gap assessments, maturity assessments, and audits), and be of varying depths and formality.



Service Features

·         Entity Risk / Compliance Assessments

·         Service Risk / Compliance Assessments

·         3rd-Party Risk / Compliance Assessments

·         Sector / Group Compliance Assessments

·         Internal Audits (e.g., ISO 27018, ISO 27701)

·         Assess Privacy Program Maturity

·         Compliance Reviews (e.g., GDPR, NDMO)

·         Personal Data Need Assessment

Service Benefits

·         Manage cybersecurity risks effectively

·         Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and contractual obligations (e.g., Republic Of Yemen Law)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)

·         Gain or improve your competitive advantage

·         Achieve your cybersecurity strategy and internal policy requirements

Service Process

·         Send us your details in order to be contacted by the sales team.

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