Policy & Frameworks Development

Service Description

Cybersecurity frameworks are tactical components that translate the organization security strategy and requirements into operational policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.


By putting frameworks into practice, organizations create an internal cybersecurity control environment that ensures risks are properly managed, business requirements are achieved, and regulatory & contractual obligations are complied with.

Frameworks can be aligned with known standards, such as ISO 27001, NCA ECC, NCA CSCC, NIST CSF and others, or can be completely custom, built for a specific use case or context.


Service Features

·         Design Entity Policies and Processes

·         Design Group Policies and Standards

·         Design Sector Policies and Standards

·         Design Sector Compliance Frameworks

·         Design Risk Management Frameworks

·         Design SOC Frameworks

·         Design IAM Frameworks

·         Design SDLC / DevSecOps Frameworks

·         Design Cloud CS Frameworks

·         Design 3rd-Party Security Frameworks

Service Benefits

·         Manage cybersecurity risks effectively

·         Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and contractual obligations (e.g., NCA ECC)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)

·         Gain or improve your competitive advantage

·         Achieve your cybersecurity strategy and internal policy requirements

Service Process

·         Send us your details in order to be contacted by the sales team.

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