Incident Response

When the untold story is revealed

Designed to swiftly respond to sophisticated cybersecurity attacks and minimize the business impact

Service Description

Incident Response Retainer (IRR) service is designed to respond to cybersecurity attacks on IT environments to minimize business impact of cyber incidents. Highly experienced and skilled team uses advanced investigation techniques (covering endpoint & network-level analysis) to uncover and respond to sophisticated attacks by investigating malicious events, building attack timeline, understanding threat actor activities, guiding the client throughout the incident by providing containment recommendations and producing an executive and detailed technical report. Phinix leverages Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Network Detection and Respond (NDR) technologies to rapidly identify, respond, and contain a cyber incident.

Incident Response,الاستجابة للحوادث

Service Features

·         Respond to Entity-Level CS Incidents

·         Respond to Sector-Level CS Incidents

·         Respond to Group-Level CS Incidents

·         Conduct Digital Forensics

·         Conduct Advanced Artefacts Analysis

Service Benefits

·         Contain the impact of cybersecurity incidents as early as possible

·         Understand the root causes behind cybersecurity incidents

·         Identify and remediate weaknesses leading to cybersecurity incidents

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)

·         Fulfill your incident management policy and process requirements

·         Benefit from intelligence collected through Phinix Managed Security Services

Service Process

·         Send us your details in order to be contacted by the sales team.

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