Email Security

Integration Description

Email security is the process of ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of email communications by protecting against the risk of email threats, that includes both techniques and technologies used to protect email accounts and communications.

And because Email is the primary target of phishing attacks & spreading malware; Email Security provides many features such as: Spam Filtering, Virus & Malware protection, Phishing Protection, Data Content Filtering, Admin Controls and Reporting, Integration with security monitoring tools.

Phinix provides email security solutions from end-to-end including design, implementation, handover and training.


Integration Features

·         Gateway mode deployment

·         Transparent mode deployment

·         Server mode deployment

·         On-premises deployment

·         Cloud deployment

·         Hybrid deployment

·         Inbound Emails Protection

·         Outbound Emails Protection

·         Internal Email protection (withing the same organization)

·         Integration with Sandbox devices

·         Integration with DLP

Integration Benefits

·         help to ensure the continued availability of email services so a business can continue to communicate with its employees and customers.

·         help to build trust for an organization and its users that email coming from its domain is authentic.

·         identify potential email security risks, such as spoofing.

·         limit risks of malware transmitted by email.

·         Phishing attacks protection.

Subscription Method

·         The customer chooses the package and the number of users of the service, then an account and digital portal will be created for the customer.

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