DOS&DDOS Protection

Integration Description

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a resource consumption attack that has the primary goal of preventing un-legitimate activity on a victimized system. A DoS attack renders the target unable to respond to legitimate traffic.

DDoS mitigation is the process of successfully protecting a targeted service or network from a DOS/DDOS attacks. By utilizing specially designed network equipment or a cloud-based protection service, a targeted victim can mitigate the incoming threat.

Integration Features

·         Maintaining the availability of published services and applications.

·         Securing different system resources from being overloaded.

Integration Benefits

·         DDOS Protection maintains the availability of the organization services and applications which improves the customer experience, enhance the organization image and reputation and secure its income.

Subscription Method

·         The customer chooses the package and the number of users of the service, then an account and digital portal will be created for the customer.

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