Awareness Programs Design & Rollout

Service Description

No matter what processes and technologies an entity puts in place, the human factor is often the main deciding factor when it comes to the success of the entity’s cybersecurity program.

We can help you design and rollout a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness and training program that is aligned with your organization context and customized to meet your specific needs and budget; the program can cover cybersecurity awareness, training, or both.

We can also help you design and conduct objective-driven social engineering simulation tests, which can be used to test the effectiveness of awareness efforts and measure staff attitude.

Service Features

·         Conduct Entity Awareness Campaigns

·         Conduct Group Awareness Campaigns

·         Conduct Sector Awareness Campaigns

·         Develop Awareness Strategies / Programs

·         Implement LMS / Phishing Solutions

·         Conduct Tailored Workshops

·         Develop Tailored Learning Paths

·         Obtain Formal Training Courses

·         Conduct Social Engineering Simulations

·         Build & Operationalize Awareness Offices

Service Benefits

·         Improve staff cybersecurity awareness and knowledge

·         Assess (and improve) staff security awareness, knowledge, and attitude

·         Enable your staff to combat social engineering attacks

·         Achieve compliance with relevant regulations and contractual obligations (e.g., NCA ECC)

·         Prove due diligence to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators and customers)

·         Achieve compliance with internal cybersecurity policies

Service Process

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