Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

Integration Description

Earlier, Application Delivery Controllers used to provide application acceleration and load balancing feature only. But as the technology and applications evolved significantly over the years, new generation of ADCs also evolved in their offerings.

New generation of ADCs not only provide load balancing feature but handles a much wider variety of functions, including SSL Offloading, rate shaping, caching, compression, and Web Application firewall.

Phinix provides ADC solutions from end-to-end including design, implementation, handover and training.


Integration Features

·         wo-Arm Mode (Routed, either on a physical or virtual appliance)

·         One-Arm Mode (either on a physical or virtual appliance)

Integration Benefits

·         ADC help applications to be always available and perform optimally. They also help to prevent from application layer attacks using its Web Application firewall feature.

Subscription Method

·         The customer chooses the package and the number of users of the service, then an account and digital portal will be created for the customer.

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